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Fulcra BV

As a talent driven organization, Fulcra guides and advises companies in embedding full talent and learning experience in a sustainable ecosystem.

We help to explore, visualize and maximize the human capital and the talent portfolio of an organization. We offer advice, coaching and training for change processes as well as integration and implementation projects. With the focus on talent, we have a standard set of process improvements and experiments that help your company make efficiency improvements in the very short term.

We provide advisory services on knowledge management and learning & development and with the Totara Experience Platform, we can go further than any classic LMS. By combining collaboration tooling, such as Totara Engage with the LMS platform of Totara Learn, we create the perfect basis to install a complete competence based environment for your learners or employees, all manageable by Totara Perform. We provide the tooling, fully installed and managed by us, which is customer specific and we can assist you in developing your own content or we develop highly technological learning content for you, using the latest technologies and based on your specific needs.

We guide your organization through change cycles and transformation projects and assure the improvement of the knowledge level of your employees with the focus on your strategic goals. As Fulcra, we guide and advise our customers by installing a complete and sustainable talent oriented human capital strategy, but always sized and based on your needs. This platform is part of our products and services portfolio of our talent oriented organizational sustainability services.