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The Best Cloud-based LMS

Benefit from a turnkey cloud-based LMS solution

What is a Cloud-based LMS and Totara Cloud?

A Cloud-based LMS is great for small-to-medium-sized organizations who want a powerful, yet simple out-of-the-box learning platform. Totara's cloud-based SaaS LMS is ideal for those without a dedicated learning and development team as it is quick to get up and running and easy to maintain.

Totara Cloud is a flexible foundation for companies that plan to grow and will then benefit from the full functionality of our enterprise editions. You will be in very good company as Totara is used by some of the biggest enterprises on the planet.

What is open SaaS?

Open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) includes all the benefits of software-as-a-service – nothing to install, very quick to get up and running, low cost - plus you stay in full control of your IT future. Open SaaS uses open source software, significantly reducing your business risk by avoiding any lock-in to proprietary technology.

If your needs change we can migrate your platform to wherever you want to take it, whether that be to another hosting partner or on-premise. At any time you can decide to upgrade to our enterprise editions, extend the available functionality with tried and tested plugins, customize with your own specific features, or integrate with other systems.

Enjoy the freedom of open source with all the convenience of a SaaS solution. Wow!

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Reached the limits of your current LMS?

Enjoy the freedom, simplicity and low cost of Totara Cloud - a powerful, yet easy-to-use learning platform, with all the tools you need to manage and deliver training and development for your workforce.


We believe flexibility is a critical business driver in this fast-changing world. So manage your risk and avoid vendor lock-in with open SaaS terms as short as three months. Embrace the freedom to take your learning platform with you, where and when it suits you. You decide. That's the power of open SaaS.


Want a fast turnkey solution? Want to run a pilot before making a larger investment? We can get you started, hassle-free, no fuss, quick as you want.


With Totara Cloud you get all of the essential features of a world-class learning platform:

  • Create courses and upload any kind of content

  • Preview and buy courses seamlessly from our online marketplace

  • Manage face-to-face training events, webinars and e-learning

  • Create tests and assessments

  • Track activity and completion with powerful reporting

  • Create individual and team learning plans

  • Manage multiple languages


Totara Cloud is designed to grow and scale with your business. If you want to support larger user audiences, to customize or extend, we can switch your deployment to a Totara Partner or your own web hosting team. You choose what suits you best. You can switch on more features at any time.


You want to add flexibility, not complexity and cost. Compare our features, compare our prices, compare the freedom. Enjoy the benefits of a world-class, supported learning platform for truly remarkable value.


We keep Totara Cloud updated to the most recent version. Your data is secure and you don’t have to worry about backups and recovery – we take care of that, so you are free to focus on your business and your people. Any concerns or questions, our online team of experts are ready to respond 24 hours a day, every business day.


Access training in the Totara Academy. Ask questions and share expertise. Suggest features. You’re part of an open source community shaping the future of learning technology and delivery. Find out more.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to order Totara Cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Can customisations be added to a Totara Cloud site?
No. Totara Cloud does not support customisations. All Totara Cloud sites run on the same version of the Totara TXP. If you require customisations, please talk to a Totara Partner about how they can meet your customisation needs within their own hosting environment.


What is the server uptime?
Totara Cloud offers 99.5% uptime.

Where are Totara Cloud sites hosted geographically?
Totara Cloud sites are hosted in AWS Datacentres. During the sign-up process, you choose the location that is best for your organisation.

  • Americas: Virginia, United States
  • Asia and Pacific: Sydney, Australia
  • other AWS locations as required


Can Totara Cloud be integrated with other systems?
No. Totara Cloud is a standardised hosting service and does not support integrations such as:

  • Web services SSO (i.e., “single sign-on”)
  • HR Import (note: manual import is supported. Automated file transfer or external database connection is not supported.)
  • User account management (via automated file transfer from an external source or connection to external service such as LDAP)
  • Course enrolment (via automated file transfer from an external source or connection to external service)
  • External content repositories (with access via reverse proxy)

If you require these kinds of integrations, please talk to a Totara Partner about the integration services they can provide with their own (or your own) hosting environment.


What languages are supported in Totara Cloud?
All languages available in the open source versions of the software are supported in Totara Cloud. For Totara Learn, this includes European languages (English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish) as well as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and Japanese.


Can third-party plugins be added to a Totara Cloud site?
No. Third-party plugins cannot be installed on a Totara Cloud site. If you want to have a 3rd party plugin we recommend contacting a Totara Partner for dedicated hosting.


Do Totara Cloud sites provide access to the Site Administrator role?
No, access to the Site Administrator role is restricted due to security purposes and to provide better ease of use. Instead, Totara Cloud provides access to the Site Manager role that has access to all of the Site Administration settings used for managing the learning operation (e.g. users, audiences, roles, organisations, positions, badges, competencies, activities, courses, programs, grades, certifications, catalogs, reporting, and hr import).

If you need a site configuration change that is not available to the Site Manager role, talk to your Site Configuration Assistant during the platform on-boarding process, or raise a ticket in the Totara Support Portal.


Can a Totara Cloud site be migrated to an external hosting environment?
Yes, Totara Cloud sites can be migrated to Totara Partner hosting (or to hosting by your own technical team). We need at least one month of notice before the migration can take place. When you’re ready, please create a support ticket in the Totara Support Portal and we’ll begin the process.

How much will it cost to migrate a site from Totara Cloud to dedicated hosting?
Our work to migrate your site (from Totara Cloud to your new chosen hosting environment) is free of charge, however, your Totara Partner (or your own technical team that you are working with) may charge you a fee for their part of the migration.


On what days is the support team available?
Monday through Friday except national and local holidays.

During what times is the support team available?
The Totara Cloud support team is available from:

Asia Pacific:
- 8am to 6pm Australian Eastern time
- 8am to 6pm New Zealand time

- 8am to 6pm Pacific time
- 8am to 6pm Eastern time

- 8am to 6pm UK time

What response times are provided by the Totara Cloud support team?
Our support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. During that time, we will respond with a proposed solution as follows: Critical issues: one hour Major issues: five hours Non-urgent issues: one business day.


Support Terms

Terms of Service

What theme configuration options are available in Totara Cloud?
You can select theme colours as well as upload a logo, favicon, background image and select several primary theme colours.

Can one or more custom themes be uploaded to a Totara Cloud site?
No. Totara Cloud does not support uploading of custom themes or PHP files. Please contact a Totara Partner if you need a custom theme solution.


What kind of training will we receive?
In addition to our freely available online training resources (e.g. our regular webinars events, YouTube channel, and online help site), subscribers are offered our Site Manager and Course Creator courses in Totara Academy

Your progress in these two courses will be used to trigger the schedule and content of your upcoming site configuration sessions (led by your site configuration assistant). During the configuration sessions, you can ask questions about feature-based topics you’ve completed in the Academy.

Use the Totara Support Portal for asking technical questions. Join the Totara Community to discuss and ask questions of your peers.


What versions of the Totara TXP is on Totara Cloud?
Totara Cloud will be current with the latest major version within 60 days of the release. Major version upgrades of Totara are released every 6 months.

How often is Totara Cloud updated to minor releases?
Minor releases of Totara occur every four weeks. Updates to minor releases will occur within 30 days of the release. Critical releases (e.g. security and emergency releases) are deployed immediately.

Are all Totara Cloud sites upgraded at the same time?
All Totara Cloud sites are upgraded within a single 24-hour time period. To minimise disruption upgrades are scheduled outside of a standard business hours.

Will customers be notified of updates?
We will notify customers of major upgrades so they are aware of new features and improvements. Maintenance and minor updates will not be notified. All updates will be scheduled outside customer business hours.