Thursday, 4 March @ 4pm London | 11am NY
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    Lars Hyland

    Chief Learning Officer, Totara Learning

    Lars Hyland is a well-known figure in the HR and workplace learning community, who believes adaptable and flexible technology forms the foundation for the new world of work. Lars is an expert in the field of Talent Experience, that brings together learning, engagement and performance management practices to drive employee satisfaction and productivity.

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    Ross Thornley

    CEO & Co-Founder of AQai

    Entrepreneur, and founder of 6 companies. From branding agency to innovation consultancy, product design, manufacture and nanotechnology businesses. Singularity University EP graduate, Abundance 360 and Strategic Coach Freezone Frontier member. Purpose-driven, experimental, relentlessly curious and open-minded. An inquisitive and tenacious learner, driving inspiring visions for an abundant future. Leveraging exponential technologies to unite, inspire and accelerate the best of all humanity.

The past year has given us all a sharp shock.

Some have coped better than others. And yet we’re going to see more change in the next decade than we have in the past 100 years. According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute study, as many as 375 million people will need to reskill in the next ten years, and about 40% of the jobs that will be available, don’t currently exist, increasing the need for us and our organisations to become more adaptable and resilient.

Join Ross Thornley, Author and CEO at AQai and Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer at Totara for a live webinar on March 4th where we will discuss how you and your organization can adapt and develop the skills to take on tomorrow's world of work.

We will be covering topics not to be missed, like,

  • how to build an adaptable team that can bounce back from adversity
  • how you can measure your adaptability and that of your teams
  • strategies to help employees deal with uncertainty
  • adaptable technology to align your learning, engagement and performance management functions within your organization

All webinar attendees will receive special access to the AQai Adaptability Assessment, where they will be able to discover their personal AQ, and access their own report dashboard and insights.

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