3rd Oct @ 4pm BST / 11am EDT

Modern learning means going well beyond fixed and formal courses. New content is published every day. We need to support learners to help them stay up to date on the topics that matter, and continuously learn.

Content curation is all about seeking out relevant content from across the web, making sense of it, and sharing it with learners. It's a key skill for L&D professionals. And it's a whole lot easier in Totara than you may think.

This webinar will be co-hosted by our extension partners, Anders Pink.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why curation for learning matters
  • What it means in practice: tips and tools to get started
  • How to curate content automatically in Totara with our plug-in
  • Real examples of Totara clients curating for sales, leadership and more

Watch the webinar recording

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