Thursday 4 November @ 4pm London / 11am New York
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    Lars Hyland

    Chief Learning Officer, Totara Learning

    Lars Hyland is a well-known figure in the HR and workplace learning community, who believes adaptable and flexible technology forms the foundation for the new world of work. Lars is an expert in the field of Talent Experience, that brings together learning, engagement and performance management practices to drive employee satisfaction and productivity.

The skills you have today are not the skills you need tomorrow. The World Economic Forum predicts that a billion people will need to upskill before 2030 in order to stay relevant in the workplace. This requires immediate action from the whole HR function, working in new ways, using new technology and processes. You need a fresh playbook to survive and thrive. So, what steps can you take NOW to prepare your people and organization for the major changes ahead?

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Address the key challenges to the workplace today
  • Define and sustain the capabilities that build more flexible, adaptable people who can perform well in the face of constant change.
  • Design action learning experiences that foster agile collaboration to solve the problems and find new ideas that really matter to business performance.
  • Align learning, engagement and performance management practices to deliver a more congruent, friction-free talent experience for your people.