Wednesday, 9 June, @ 11 am New York / 4 pm London
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    Meredith Henson

    Senior Partner Success Manager, Totara Learning

    With over 15 years experience of open source technologies and learning management system implementations, Meredith brings both vendor and client-side expertise to her presentations and publications. Having worked on a number of large, high profile installations and across most sectors, Meredith has been an advocate the adoption of fit-for-purpose open source solutions across the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

How teams work and collaborate has been slowly changing for years; however, the events of 2020 triggered by a global pandemic have acted as a catalyst for change. Millions of people are now working remotely, with as many as 42% of all employees working from home.

The shift from a traditional office space creates both opportunities and challenges. One of the major challenges teams face is how they can support each other effectively. Traditional knowledge sharing methods such as dropping by someone’s desk or catching a colleague in the kitchen are no longer happening. So where are your people expected to go to share knowledge, ask questions and gather opinions?

Totara Engage, the adaptable learning experience platform (LXP), can help to fill the gap left by the shift from physical office spaces. By creating digital workspaces, teams can work together to problem solve and learn. Workspaces are powerful, digital areas where social and continuous learning can flourish and informal brainstorming sessions can happen exactly when a colleague requires support. In this webinar you’ll learn:

Which common organisational challenges workspaces can help you to solve

  • How workspaces can support social learning
  • How you can set up and maintain workspaces
  • What workspaces look like in Totara Engage