14 OCT 2020 @ 4PM LONDON
  • Michael Ball

    Michael Ball

    Product Manager (Perform), Totara

    Mike is the Product Manager for Totara Perform, our forthcoming product offering comprising a suite of key performance management features (which seamlessly integrates with other Totara learning platforms).  Working with a highly experienced cross-functional team of Designers, Developers and our Director of Learning Technologies he steers the implementation of the product based on his experience of working within a large range of sectors and the research and analysis carried out since starting on the project.

    Before joining Totara, Mike worked for a Platinum Partner in the UK as a Solution Architect.

Is a traditional appraisal process harming your organization? Switching to a modern performance management process doesn’t have to be painful.

Join us to see how Totara Perform can be used to replace, or update your existing processes with a powerful, yet intuitive system that tracks, reports and helps translate workforce productivity into aggressive organisational growth.