We all know the power of online learning, available when and where you need it. But in modern workplaces, there’s still a place for synchronous (real-time) learning activities, whether in a real or virtual classroom.

It’s hard to practice your presentation skills without ever giving a live presentation, or to learn to give constructive feedback without a real person to give feedback to. Many effective blended learning experiences offer a combination of face-to-face and online learning, and mix self-paced study with periods of direct interaction with a trainer and other learners on and offline.

So how do you manage these synchronous activities? In Totara Learn, you’ll use the seminars feature. You can use seminars to schedule live sessions, sign-up learners to attend, send reminders, select rooms and assets and track attendance.

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This webinar is scheduled to take place at 16.00 BST (London) / 11.00 EDT (New York) on Wednesday 26th June, and again at 09.00 NZT (Wellington) on Thursday 27th June. 

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