1st OCT 2019 @ 11am EDT

Powell’s Books, the world’s largest independent seller of new and used books, was struggling to manage its training program as the business grew and technologies advanced beyond the capabilities of its outdated, homegrown LMS.

Supported by eThink Education, Powell’s Books switched to an open-source Totara Learn for a customisable, sustainable solution.

In this upcoming ATD Webcast, discover how eThink Education helped Powell’s Books meet its “LMS wishlist” requirements with a future-proof system that will grow with the organization.

Attendees will take away:

  • how to structure training programs with longevity in mind (and why the technology learning management systems use, matters)
  • why current trends in the corporate learning ecosystem encourage flexible and interoperable learning platforms
  • how open-source technology has allowed Powell’s Books to create a future-proof solution capable of adapting to meet business and learning needs for years to come.

Discover how Powell's is using open source Totara Learn 

 Thinking about a new learning platform? See how others are using Totara and consider the freedoms of open source.