Totara Learning is proud to be the Gold Sponsors of Learnapalooza XL in Seattle, Washington this May. 

Join us for the Pacific Northwest's only conference for Learning & Development and People Operations, that is dedicated to innovation and disruption: Learnapalooza XL .

Learnapalooza XL Totara Learn LMS Sponsors

Connect. Learn. Build. Play. Be a SUPERHERO.

This year we're taking it to the next level with Learnapalooza XL where this year's theme is Superhero You: Bridge Your Skills Gap. 

We know that we're all capable of being super at our jobs - and LAP helps bring out the inner superhero in all of us - even if we don't have Black Panther's advanced tech, Captain America's strength, Thor's chiseled good looks, or Black Widow's stealth.

So for a day and a half, Learnapalooza has curated a showcase of great ideas from amazing session facilitators. This event is aimed at helping others level up their own abilities, to harness the powers of the collective to become the best teams and colleagues we call can be. Think Avengers, but for L&D. 

Join Our Open Source Caped Crusader Chloe at Learnapalooza

Solutions Consultant, Chloe Leon, will be doing 6 rounds of 15-minute sessions during the Speed Learning Round, discussing How to instill a true informal workplace coaching culture. 

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” - Henry Ford

A lot of people, new to the workforce, do not know how to bridge the gap between Formal Education and real-life jobs. How do they get that dream job straight out of college? The true story is, they don’t.

The idea is that we have a multitude of Human Resources all around us, that can efficiently share knowledge in an informal setting to help people become more effective within their current job, and help them build their skills for their next role. If organisations recognise the benefit of those who work there to grow in their knowledge it really changes the culture of how people feel.

Many of the best people want to have challenging roles that push their boundaries slowly, helping them advance their hard and soft skills at an appropriate pace. There are many nuanced aspects to this kind of learning, but ‘On-the-Job Training’ is not a new concept!

The goal of Chloe's session will be to:

  • Share real-life stories on how this has developed real people in their real careers.
  • Instill the value of helping others succeed, it starts in recruitment through to ongoing Talent Management
  • Encourage participants to ask their colleagues to teach them skills or quick tips on a regular basis
  • If time permits, facilitate the learning of a new skill right there in the session between participants, these may be soft skills or hard skills BYOD
  • Practical tips on how participants can help coach and be coached
  • What next? Is there a way that Learning and Development Professionals can use this activity and record it to help teams and individuals grow…? Talent Management.

 Join Totara Superhero Chloe and the rest of the gang in Seattle for Learnapalooza XL this May! 

Interested in Learnapalooza XL? 

Discover more on their official event page including speakers, registration, and more. 


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