Wednesday 1 December @ 4pm GMT
  • Nick Shelton Jones

    Nick Shackleton-Jones

    HR Director, Learning - Deloitte UK

    Nick Shackleton-Jones is the HR Director, Learning - Deloitte UK, where he helps organizations improve employee performance and engagement. Prior to this, he was the director of Learning Innovation and Technology at BP and has also held senior roles in L&D at Siemens Communications and the BBC. Nick has just published a book called How People Learn, which unpicks established theories of learning to propose a more effective way of managing performance improvements.

When it comes to learning design if ‘hybrid’ is the new ‘blended’ is it all semantics? What have we learned about learning during the pandemic and how will our approach to design need to change?

Join Nick Shackleton-Jones, HR Director, Talent & Learning at Deloitte UK, as he discusses how we abandon education and shift to learning. Nick will reflect on how our profession can make use of the two lifeboats - performance support and experience design - to take us to the far shore. Nick will share examples, stories tips and techniques to help you design learning in the new normal.

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the author of How People Learn and has won several awards for people development strategy, innovation, and learning content, including the Learning & Performance Institute’s Award for Services to the Learning Industry, 2017.