Behind every strong company is a strong team – and behind every strong team is a strong learning process. Do the learning processes in your organisation need a boost?

On Friday 21st June, Totara Partner NEO Learning will show you how to power up your talent development process.

On the agenda

During the roundtable discussion, NEO Learning will share their expertise and exchange experiences and insights with you and other organisations. They will also address the question: How do you navigate from one training to another and make a difference within the company?

Some key topics that will be discussed:  

  • Why do we train?
  • Context is king
  • Experience is growth
  • Measuring is knowing


This is a free event hosted in English. Spots are limited, so be sure to register!


50.9097013, 4.3965219

Business Faculty
Sint-Lendriksborre 6
1120 Brussels