Jan 3, 2019

Learn more about how L&D professionals can harness open technology to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences, both in the workplace and in education.

In this “Holistic Learning with Open Technology for L&D and HR Professionals” episode of the HR L&D Podcast we learn:

  • What is Holistic Learning in the context of Open Technology and why this could be key for L&D professionals
  • How L&D teams can ensure they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to change
  • The key factors that have driven L&D forwards to where it is today?
  • Who are Totara and how does the platform help L&D teams adapt to change
  • How does Totara provide such a holistic learning environment?
  • Why did Totara decide to develop a collaborative model that supports a global partner network?
  • How are the demands of commercial organisations similar to those within Higher Education?
  • What are the main holistic learning priorities L&D Team should be focused on?
  • Why all L&D professionals should embrace open technology!
  • The key piece of advice Lars would give to someone embarking on a career in learning and development?