28 OCT 2020 @ 4PM LONDON
  • Michael Ball

    Michael Ball

    Product Manager (Perform), Totara

    Mike is the Product Manager for Totara Perform, our forthcoming product offering comprising a suite of key performance management features (which seamlessly integrates with other Totara learning platforms).  Working with a highly experienced cross-functional team of Designers, Developers and our Director of Learning Technologies he steers the implementation of the product based on his experience of working within a large range of sectors and the research and analysis carried out since starting on the project.

    Before joining Totara, Mike worked for a Platinum Partner in the UK as a Solution Architect.

Competencies are those skills, behaviours and knowledge your learners should hold and develop to be safe and efficient across their various roles and responsibilities.

See how Totara Perform’s advanced competency assignment and tracking features help rapidly close skill gaps, upskill employees and ensure high levels of competency and compliance across your organisation.