Wednesday 2 March 2022 @ 4PM GMT

SCORM is a great way to add interactive elements to your Totara courses. Reporting on your SCORM activities will give you a good insight as to how effective they are, and what topics your users are struggling with.

In this webinar, we will be demonstrating functionality using authoring tools from the Articulate suite (Storyline and Rise), however many skills will be transferrable to other authoring tools.

In this webinar join Jordan Ash from the Totara Academy as we show you:

  • How to export and upload your SCORM package to get the best possible reporting data
  • Understanding and interpreting the inbuilt SCORM reports
  • Creating an activity leaderboard using SCORM reporting data
  • Creating a custom report to compare different SCORM packages
  • How to export variable data from Articulate Storyline to be included in the interactions report

If you're keen to learn how to better report on SCORM activities, the advice in this webinar is for you! Complete the form to register and you'll also be sent the replay if you cant attend.