27 May 2020 @ 4PM London
  • Meredith Henson picture

    Meredith Henson

    Senior Solutions Consultant, Totara Learning

    With over 15 years experience of open source technologies and Learning Management System implementations, Meredith brings both vendor and client side expertise to her presentations and publications. Having worked on a number of large, high profile installations and across most sectors, Meredith has been an advocate the adoption of fit-for-purpose open source solutions across the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Learning doesn’t always happen in isolation. In fact, learning is often social; whether acquiring new knowledge through interaction with peers and experts or reflecting on what you’ve learnt through discussion. Learning takes place through participation and interaction, through sharing with others.

In this webinar, Totara's Senior Solutions Consultant Meredith Henson will walk-through the various social tools available to help build an engaged online community of learners.