Wednesday 19 January 2022 @ 4PM London
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    Lars Hyland

    Managing Director, EMEA - Totara Learning

    Lars Hyland is a well-known figure in the HR and workplace learning community, who believes adaptable and flexible technology forms the foundation for the new world of work. Lars is an expert in the field of Talent Experience, that brings together learning, engagement and performance management practices to drive employee satisfaction and productivity.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how talent experience and talent management translate to employee engagement, and which one will help you effectively build a competitive, agile and future-proof workplace in a fast-changing world.

Specifically, we'll be discussing:

  • The 3 elements of employee engagement
  • How can we manage teams better to ensure they’re engaged and productive at work?
  • The difference between talent management and talent experience
  • How we can use technology to better manage talent experience in the workplace and drive employee engagement?

If you're keen to drill into what motivates your team and how best to improve employee engagement, this webinar is for you. Complete the form to register and you'll also be sent the replay if you're unable to attend.