Thursday, October 29, 2020 @ 11am CET

Continuing learning in uncertain times

Many of us are struggling with the adjustment to working and teaching online during the pandemic - especially those who have always taught in a traditional classroom and are now being asked to rapidly prepare for a longer period of online learning. Where do you begin? How do you manage the process?

Many companies have implemented rigid and difficult-to-integrate learning systems that hinder, rather than facilitate online training and development. To address these issues and many others, Glovo , Grupo Planeta, Genially and Actua Solutions will host a panel and share their experience on how they're taking face-to-face training online and and why flexibility in their e-learning platform is vital in the new reality.

You will hear real stories of companies that have traded their learning management system (LMS) for a learning solution that helps them build a better workplace, increase resilience, and thrive in today's changing world.

webinar actua


  • Miquel Gómez, Global Training Manager, Glovo 
  • Margarita Gonzalez del Hierro, Head of Training, Genially
  • Juan José Prieto, Director of Training and Development of Direct Sales, Grupo Planeta 
  • Mario Planas, Director, Actua Solutions

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The webinar will be moderated by Ana Toro, editor-in-chief of RRHHDigital and will be hosted in Spanish.