WEDNESDAY 24 february 2021
4PM London / 11AM New York
  • Meredith Henson picture

    Meredith Henson

    Senior Partner Success Manager, Totara Learning

    With over 15 years experience of open source technologies and learning management system implementations, Meredith brings both vendor and client-side expertise to her presentations and publications. Having worked on a number of large, high profile installations and across most sectors, Meredith has been an advocate the adoption of fit-for-purpose open source solutions across the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Traditionally, teams have relied on their learning and development departments to ensure they have the right training content available to upskill people.

An alternative option is to hire new team members that can fill the skills gaps in teams. But these approaches leave a wealth of untapped knowledge within teams themselves. As technology rapidly increases, we have new opportunities to allow individuals to create, access and share content so that vital information can be distributed quickly by key stakeholders.

Join Senior Partner Success Manager Meredith Henson as she reviews how you can: 

  • Combine Totara Learn, Totara Engage and Totara Perform to ensure your teams are on the cutting edge of learning technology. 
  • Ensure your teams can create user-generated content 
  • Combine formal and informal learning