Thursday, 12 November @ 10am CET

For years, managers and employees have dreaded the annual performance review, and some large companies have decided to ditch them all together. Today’s best performance management systems give an organization the ability to set its own course and tailor practices to suit its work culture and context. 

Whether they’re “traditional” annual appraisals and performance reviews, or more modern practices like check-ins and continuous feedback.

Join Totara Partner The Courseware Company on November 10th for a live demo of Totara Perform, the flexible performance management platform that allows organizations to proactively manage user performance to work more effectively and achieve their goals. 

Account Manager Marlies Oerlemans will be showcasing some of the key elements of a great performance management system such as:

  • Competencies
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Goals (on an organizational and personal level)
  • Flexible check-ins and reviews workflow
  • Graphic reports

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