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    Meredith Henson

    Head of Solutions Consultancy , Totara Learning

    With over 15 years experience of open source technologies and learning management system implementations, Meredith brings both vendor and client-side expertise to her presentations and publications. Having worked on a number of large, high profile installations and across most sectors, Meredith has been an advocate the adoption of fit-for-purpose open source solutions across the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

In today’s world, the only certainty is change. To survive, your organization needs to be agile and quick to adapt. Separate, inflexible systems are no longer enough, and will hinder, rather than help, your learning and development efforts.

The solution? An integrated, flexible Talent Experience Platform. Learn more about the brand-new Totara platform and discover the applications and advantages an integrated learning, engagement and performance platform can offer your organization.

Join Head of Solutions Consultancy Meredith Henson for this session and find out how Totara will empower you to build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world. In this session you’ll see a demonstration of: 

  • Totara Learn 
  • Totara Engage 
  • Totara Perform

Register now to discover how these products combine to create the Totara Talent Experience Platform.