Totara's open source learning software is used by organisations in every industry around the world.


Business services
The business services sector today is subject to more regulation and scrutiny than ever before. Compliance will always be a priority for business services organisations and their clients, but the challenges faced by these companies are mounting. Keeping up with revisions to legislation across multiple jurisdictions and ensuring consistency of advice and service requires continuous professional development, internal collaboration and supportive sharing of expertise.



Education & Training
As educators and L&D professionals know, budgets are being squeezed tighter than ever before, with stakeholders demanding that L&D teams do more with less. This is the case both inside organisations and in the wider education and training sector. Education and training organisations must find ways to deliver their products and services to cash-strapped businesses and individuals who often don’t see personal development as a priority.



Financial & Insurance
The financial and insurance sector has been through turbulent times in recent years. It remains subject to close regulation and scrutiny. Compliance is paramount because bribery, cybersecurity breaches, corruption and fraud pose major business risks, and can irreparably damage reputation.



Local and central governments are under continual pressure to manage public spending efficiently while optimising outcomes from policy initiatives. As large employers, it is also important to demonstrate best practice when supporting the learning and development of their staff and set standards for private organisations contracted to deliver public services on their behalf.



With budgets stretched tighter than ever before and L&D leaders in healthcare being pressured to do more and more with less and less, expensive proprietary software is no longer fit for purpose. You need a flexible, cost-effective learning platform that will adapt and grow with your organisation, which is why so many healthcare organisations worldwide choose Totara



Hospitality & Travel
The hospitality and travel sector has never been more popular or as competitive. Driven by a growing appetite among young people to spend money on experiences rather than material possessions, and retiring baby-boomers exploring the world as they leave the workplace, business is booming. But with greater exposure to affordable travel comes higher expectations, making it essential for organisations in the hospitality and travel sector to maintain high standards of customer service and a diverse range of added extras, all of which require effective and flexible employee training.



The widespread adoption of new technologies is completely transforming the manufacturing sector.

The US and UK, which previously had strong manufacturing industries, have been massively disrupted by new automated processes and the introduction of complex multinational supply chains. This transformation has led to a significant skills shortage, with a mismatch between the skills people have and the skills they need to succeed.

Manufacturing organisations must find ways to attract and retain staff, and to ensure that these workers are equipped with an increasingly complex skill set to stay ahead.



Non-profit organisations today face a complex combination of challenges, and things are only going to get more complicated with the sheer number of charities seeking donations, volunteer efforts and support.

Recent scandals concerning large international charities and the financial volatility of smaller nonprofits means that no one is safe, and with resources stretched more than ever, the nonprofit sector will be looking for more flexible and cost effective technology solutions to support their activities.



Learning professionals in the retail sector understand the challenges posed by retail’s typically young, highly mobile workforce. High turnover in retail stores can be frustrating, and onboarding is a constant process, especially when it comes to hiring seasonal staff for busy periods.

The training process in a retail organisation needs to be quick, efficient and effective, getting everyone up and running as quickly as possible so that they can offer the best possible customer service.



Sport & Lifestyle
Major issues facing the sport and lifestyle sector include health and safety, tackling the unauthorised use of performance-enhancing substances and addressing the risk of corruption and bribery within a highly competitive environment.

Specific compliance training requirements are aimed not just at the organisational level, but also at individual athletes and coaches who need to demonstrate an understanding of the rules surrounding their specific sports.



Technology & Media
All industry sectors are being transformed, but you can get a sense of where we are all heading by looking at how technology and media companies are preparing themselves.

One thing is clear. Retraining an existing workforce with new, digital and related skills is a leading priority, particularly in an increasingly tight market for talent. It is crucial that the technology used to manage this transformation process matches up to the products and services they are creating - and innovating - every day.