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Business services


Business is going digital - do your people have the right skills to advise and comply?

User data management, scalability and the ability to work and collaborate internationally are key concerns for business services organisations today. As well as fast-changing internal processes, the way you work with your partners and clients is rapidly changing.

There is a growing need to streamline processes and ensure the efficient transfer of knowledge and information. Crucially, there is a strategic need to acquire digital skills and expertise across global workforces, which requires flexible management of their customer experience learning management, customer community training and development paths.

Working with partner organisations also creates a need to tailor learning experiences to multiple external audiences.

"Totara Learn provides a wide range of possibilities like tests and plugins, which enables us to create tests and e-learning courses adapted to our activities."

Christophe Coupeaux, Digital Learning Manager, Catalys Conseil

The business services sector today is subject to more regulation and scrutiny than ever before.

Compliance will always be a priority for business services organisations and their clients, but the challenges faced by these companies are mounting.

Keeping up with revisions to legislation across multiple jurisdictions and ensuring consistency of advice and service requires continuous professional development, internal collaboration and supportive sharing of expertise.

“Totara Learn was the perfect solution for us - we knew that it would offer us the scalable and flexible solution we were looking for. We were also struck by the ease of use for reporting and administration, as well as the custom compliance dashboard that our Totara Partner offered, as a great tool to increase our engagement and compliance rates with our employees.”