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Enterprise Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS)

Enterprise Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS)

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. New medical practices, healthcare compliance regulations and medical technologies are the norm.

To adapt to these advancements, medical professionals must update their skills with a healthcare training LMS that allows them to scale their learning to hospital staff and respond rapidly to new training demands in the medical industry.

Chosen by leading healthcare companies like the NHS , Virgincare and the National Ambulance UAE, Totara Learn is the LMS that adapts to all your healthcare training and medical compliance needs.

"Totara Learn is enabling us to deliver mandatory training compliance in an engaging and user-friendly way that puts staff and their managers in control. This fits really well with the culture we are trying to develop in the Trust." — Dr. Adrian Whittington, Director of Education & Training, NHS Foundation Trust .

How Totara Learn (LMS) Meets Your Healthcare Training Needs

  • OSHA and HIPAA compliant LMS - Meet HIPAA (and other regulatory requirements) to protect the data of your administrators, clients, patients or healthcare professionals

  • Scale specialized medical training to an extended network of hospital and medical professionals

  • Use e-learning to enable a flexible and effective healthcare education that’s self-paced or integrates with practical and intensive in-class medical training

  • Access all the data and reports you need from one central place to meet medical competency and compliance goals without switching between multiple systems

  • Customize your healthcare training platform to meet the Continuous Medical Education (CME) needs unique to your staff

Key LMS Features For Hospitals And Medical Training

  • Compliance management - Ensure compliance across your entire organization to keep everyone safe

  • Seminar management - Host live in-person and online training seminars for employees worldwide

  • Multitenancy - Represent multiple brands or groups within your organization for consistent, cohesive learning experiences

  • Reporting - Track and monitor learner progress and achievements with robust, customized reporting

  • Extended enterprise - Deliver learning to third-party vendors outside your organization

  • Audience management - Tailor learning for different audiences by role, location, job function and more