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Healthcare training is exploding in response to growing demand, changing demographics and new medical practices.

Selecting the right learning platform is vital to ensure that your medical staff are ready to tackle the challenges of healthcare today. Ageing populations, groundbreaking advances in medical treatments, new technologies and rising costs are putting more pressure than ever before on healthcare organisations worldwide.

With budgets stretched tighter than ever before and L&D leaders in healthcare being pressured to do more and more with less and less, expensive proprietary software is no longer fit for purpose. You need a flexible, cost-effective learning platform that will adapt and grow with your organisation, which is why so many healthcare organisations worldwide choose Totara.

"We are extremely pleased that Totara Learn is enabling us to deliver mandatory training compliance in an engaging and user-friendly way that puts staff and their managers in control. This fits really well with the culture we are trying to develop in the Trust to give local teams more control over how care is delivered." 

Managing the health of patients with increasingly complex medical conditions and treatments is a major responsibility, and requires a personalised approach for every person. This means getting the right training to the right people at the right time, especially when it comes to essential regulatory training. Healthcare regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US must be at the forefront of all decisions concerning patients, and the same applies in healthcare systems around the world. Organisations must find a way to bring this training to a diverse audience of learners and support compliance.

"Our learning management system has revolutionised our key performance indicators and enhanced our clients’ outcome, which in turn benefits all those we care for both now and in the future."

The learning platform is vital to the success of your learning programme, whether that’s for employees, partner organisations or for public health campaigns. Achieve better access to learning, more accurate tracking of compliance and performance and easier sharing of knowledge across and outside the organisation.

"The rebooking functionality has helped us handle the otherwise complex training task and tight deadline. We had feared a high margin of error on the many rebookings, but it turned out that our biggest problem with go-live was that there were not enough sandwiches!"

Anne Vard Svensson Vindelin, System Managing Director, IT Concern at Region Zealand

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