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Totara is bringing learning into the flow of work with the Microsoft Teams extension app and virtual meetings.

These integrations support organizations looking for a more seamless relationship between learning and day-to-day work, using both learning management system (LMS) Totara Learn and learning experience platform (LXP) Totara Engage.

First, the brand-new virtual room integration for Totara Learn allows trainers to automatically generate Microsoft Teams meetings when they create training events using the seminar management functionality, saving time and admin work and reducing context switching.

Second, Totara Engage boasts a rich integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling easy sharing of content and quick access to learning from the main Microsoft Teams interface. This integration puts learning firmly in the flow of work, ensuring learners can share, collaborate and curate learning all within one single platform. Users can now create resources and playlists, access and complete mandatory learning or browse the learning catalog without leaving Microsoft Teams. 

The integration also enables sharing and pinning specific Totara content with their peers through the Microsoft Teams channel or within the chat functionality - just as easily as they would share a file or gif. This may be a manager wanting to share and drive content to their team, a trainer prescribing learning programs or peer-to-peer sharing of resources.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Totara Engage and Totara Learn brings with it benefits such as:

  • Integrated Totara Engage features including viewing, creating and interacting with resources and playlists
  • Integrated Learn and core features including the course catalog, notifications, and current learning
  • In-app access to learning workflows including courses and activities
  • Customizable extension app branding
  • Single sign-on or manual login options for the app within Microsoft Teams
  • Notifications and messaging extension based on a bot framework (optional features)

Sonja Davenport Petersen, Product Manager at Totara Learn, said: “With the announcement of Microsoft Viva, we are excited to be expanding our current Microsoft integration offering. This is in line with our mission to bring Totara into people’s existing workflows and helping learning become a key part of the workplace ecosystem.”

Totara’s Microsoft integration provides a strong foundation for connecting to the recently announced Microsoft Viva, the new employee experience platform, and will help organizations maintain a strong connection between their learning and engagement across platforms. The adaptability of Totara means that organizations will be free to easily extend and connect their Microsoft Viva platform to seamlessly integrate with Totara’s powerful reporting and analytics tools, content curation and comprehensive performance management features.

To find out more about the Totara Engage and Microsoft Teams integration, take a look at the Totara Help documentation, or take a look at the documentation for setting up the Microsoft Teams virtual rooms integration. Request a demo to see how Microsoft Teams integrates with Totara Learn and Totara Engage.