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November 24th 2020, Brighton, UK | Totara Partner Deloitte Belgium has won a gold Learning Technologies Award for their own in-house Totara-based solution in the category “Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance.”

The winning Totara Learn system, The Client, supports Deloitte’s accounting experts with new digitalization skills to help them provide a better service for their clients. The LMS provides accountants with the knowledge and soft skills to deliver exceptional customer service at every stage of the accountant-client relationship.

The Client is a story-driven blended learning program, delivered using Totara Learn, the adaptable learning management system. The Netflix-style episodic story follows two fictional CEOs, Sam and Sara, as they collaborate with Deloitte. Each episode seamlessly blends education and entertainment for a powerful, engaging learning experience.

Data plays a vital role in this program, providing insights into learners’ growth and development. This data comes in the form of personality assessments, formative questions, self-rated pre- and post-assessments, feedback data, Net Promoter Scores and more.

The judges commended the use of data in this “ambitious and well-executed” project, which extended outside the L&D function and aligned with the accountancy process lifecycle. 

"The gold award at Learning Technologies Awards 2020 goes to... The Client and Deloitte Belgium!” said Louise Vancollenberghe, Learning/Human Experience Designer at Deloitte Belgium. “The Client is an evidence-based and data-driven learning journey and is what we all should aim for. Building learning agility requires an experiential approach that is individualized and drives behavioral change – this is how we make an impact!" 

Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer at Totara, said: “We are delighted to see yet another award-winning learning experience that uses the power and flexibility of Totara Learn. More and more organizations are recognizing that to deliver effective change, they need technology that is both adaptable and integrated into the workplace itself. Our Talent Experience Platform is designed to meet this challenge and help us all transition to the new world of work.”

Deloitte was also a finalist in the “Best learning technologies project - international commercial sector” category with their customer Telenor
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Deloitte Belgium LT Award win