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Walters People helps jobseekers improve their employability with certified training through Totara Learn

Walters People recruits candidates for temporary and temporary-to-permanent finance and business support functions in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain. In the Netherlands, Walters People is the market leader in the regions Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Walters People is dedicated to helping professionals advance in their career. They offer Walters People candidates access to certified training and education through the Academy, giving them the opportunity to increase their skill set and become even better professionals.

The Challenge

Every day, Walters People consultants speak to dozens of candidates who are available for financial and business support functions.

CVs are read, diplomas and references are checked and candidates are invited to the office for a face to face intake. But how can Walters People consultants determine whether a candidate is truly a good fit for a specific vacancy?

The Solution

The answer to that question turned out to be simple: candidates should be tested on specific knowledge and skills, such as English and accounting. Vanessa Jansen, Talent Acquisition & Development Manager at Walters People explains:

"The results of the test support the selection of candidates in an objective way. We always share and discuss the results with our client, so that they can see why the candidate is a good fit for them. At the same time, the candidate knows that he has the right skills to start the new job with confidence. A win-win situation for both clients and candidates."

Testing all candidates enabled Walters People to raise their service to the next level.

"Our business promise is to offer speed and quality to clients in need of new staff. We aim to introduce a suitable candidate to our clients within 24 hours. The Academy allows us to determine quickly and accurately whether a candidate is a good match for a specific vacancy, speeding up the process." - Vanessa Jansen, Walters People

Walters People LMS

Finding the right LMS to purchase the level tests and to offer e-learning was not easy. Fortunately, the flexibility of Totara Learn and the service of The Courseware Company turned out to be the right combination for Walters People.


The Results

Does the Academy fulfil the needs of Walters People? Vanessa believes so, saying:

"Absolutely, because what we hoped for has become a reality: we can now measure whether a candidate is suitable for a position. We can provide objective advice and do business with a client on that basis."

Our satisfaction with the platform is reflected in the increasing number of level tests available. After starting with just English and accounting, there are now an additional 18 level tests available on the LMS. Walters People employees can share and discuss the results of these tests with not just clients, but also the candidate who took the test, meaning that each candidate knows what they may need to improve. Once a candidate finds a role through Walters People, they are given free access to training courses through the Academy.

Walters People believes that free access to certified training through the Academy adds value for candidates who choose Walters People as their temporary employment agency. With these extra diplomas, job seekers can develop into specialists in their fields, and they have a better chance of growing within their new company. There are 75 Walters People candidates who are currently enrolled in a course. Most of them are enrolled in a fully-fledged education programme to study a specialism, but short courses are also offered, for example courses focusing different areas of personal development.

Walters People LMS