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Androgogic supports Totara clients across Asia Pacific

Androgogic has been Totara’s Top Seller Partner in Asia Pacific having achieved that accolade in 2015, 2016 and followed up again in 2017 and are proudly 100% Australian Owned. Androgogic is currently celebrating their 13th year in business having deployed 343 Learning Management Systems  in that period.

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

Totara has an extreme amount of innovation in the educational technology space. It's given us access to corporate, government and other similar verticals that we never had before, traditionally with Moodle. It means that we can compete in employee professional development and training and that's made a difference to our business. 

What value do you think the Totara partnerships have added to your business and the services you provide to clients? 

We have a sophisticated ecosystem between Totara Learning Solutions and the development team, and the Partners. The Partners are out there developing business and understanding the client's requirements. We're feeding that back to Totara core, and the core has a vibrant and innovative development team, and it's well managed. And then we have an international ecosystem that's driving us in a great place against our competitors. With 27 years in edtech, I can see this great community evolving and it's great to be a part of it. 

How has the ability to innovate around Totara products impacted your business? 

We have a strong development capability and we develop a lot of plugins. That ability combined with a strong technical partnership with the Community and Totara core has really helped us evolved and adapt implementations to our specific business needs. That means we're competitive, our clients love it; the air gap between software and clients' needs is narrower and narrower and that's the innovation we need. 

How does Totara's open source model help differentiate your business or services in the market?

I've been an advocate of open software and systems, and we're seeing a lot of disgruntlement and client unhappiness with locked-in proprietary software, learning management systems in particular. They feel that with an open source system, you're not locked into a vendor. If a vendor doesn't perform, particularly in a SaaS model you can sack them and move to someone else, you can take it in-house, you can innovate internally, write your own changes and customisations. And just in over the last decade, we're seeing this huge different perspective coming in from CIOs and organisations, we're really seeing this which is great because I think this [open source] is the best way.