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Engage in Learning supports customers with innovative custom e-learning

Engage in Learning provides customers with off-the-shelf and custom eLearning courseware supported by Totara Learn solutions. They have been a Totara partner for several years.

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

"We became a Totara Partner because being an e-learning company and a content provider, it was important that we had a robust platform for our e-learning to sit on. Not all of our customers have their own LMS. We had a proprietary system but that was becoming a little bit outdated, and we decided to scout the market for a fit-for-purpose solution that we could provide as part of our total e-learning package.

We looked at Moodle and got excited about it, then we realised the benefits of having all the enhancements that Totara Learn brought to the party and made it our LMS of choice. We used it straightaway as our e-learning platform for our evaluation sites so people could try out our courses."

How do your customers feel about your partnership?

"Sometimes customers come to us because we’re a content provider and we can provide them with Totara as well, or sometimes they come to us because we’re a Totara Partner, and they want a Totara Partner that has a strong content offering."

What are your main achievements as a Totara Partner?

"We’ve had a significant increase in customers year on year, and all the pointers are saying that we’ll have similar growth in terms of Totara subscribers this year."

What would be your main piece of advice for any companies considering becoming a partner?

"It is important to set out the total solution you are taking to market. There are over 100 Totara partners but they all have their idiosyncrasies. What is yours? What makes you different?"