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eThink Education thrives on providing Totara services to clients

eThink Education provides a fully-managed elearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation and management services for Totara. 

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

Totara has an appeal for corporate, government, non-profit entities all over the world. eThink Education has become the largest Totara service providers worldwide. Our clients tend to find that the Totara product suite does a very good job in managing their specific needs so it was really a no-brainer for us to join the network. 

What value do you think the Totara partnerships have added to your business and to the services that you can provide to your clients?

Our clients are realising that the LMS market has been in a state of flux, and our clients are realising that they would prefer a system like Totara that is open, where they can get at the code, where they can add things to the code to improve their businesses such as integrations to outside products that complete their entire elearning ecosystem. 

How has the ability to innovate around Totara products impacted your business?

The product code within Totara is open and as a result, unlike proprietary, closed sourced systems, our clients have the ability to customise the product much more than you would find with any closed system. And this is done using modules, integrations, themes, and deep configurations that we can add for them onto their Totara instance. 

How does Totara's open source model help differentiate your business or services in the market?

With Totara, you have many companies that provide service for the product. You don't get this with closed sourced products. Companies like ours compete on quality of service and also on price effectiveness of the solution, and services for clients. If they're not happy with eThink as a vendor, a client has the opportunity to move from us and go to a different Totara partner yet use the same set of Totara code due to the nature of the Totara ecosystem. That's something that's completely unheard of in the proprietary market where you just have license fees, and you're locked into one platform making it difficult to leave or move systems.

How do the Four Freedoms resonate with you and your business?

The Four Freedoms within Totara is extremely important. Starting with the Freedom of Choice, and a great example is the freedom to choose your partner; the ability to move from vendors if you're not happy with services. We have a 99% retainment rate of our clients over an eleven-year period. The reason for this is that when you're a partner of Totara, you're required, due to the competition of the market, to provide exceptional services and if you do not, your client has the ability to move to a different Totara partner. The Freedoms are important when clients understand that they have the freedom of choice, and the advantage they have is significant with Totara, compared to those proprietary systems in the market that lock you in.