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Experts in flexible learning services for the French market

E-learning Touch provides a full range of e-learning services for the French market.

The company designs and develops elearning, implements LMS solutions and provides consultancy services; for example advising companies on the move from classroom based training to digital learning.

The company has a strong focus on learning and pedagogy which runs through their elearning approaches. The team uses a range of elearning tools such as Lectora and iSpring. As a relative small company E-learning Touch offers a very personalised, flexible and reactive service to its clients.

Why did you choose to be a partner?

"We had a good knowledge of Moodle and appreciated the maturity of the product and the flexibility that could be achieved with customisation. We were looking for the same flexibility but for a platform that was designed to meet the needs of corporate customers. Specifically our customers require sophisticated reporting, the ability to support blends with structured learning programs and individual learning plans. Totara provided us with the flexibility of Moodle but with a core layer designed specifically for corporate companies.  

We really appreciated the partnership approach of Totara and we share the values of collaboration and openness. There is a strong community that supports the product and shares knowledge. It is a real partnership which allows us to offer a strong solution which is globally supported and where we get a high level of support as a partner."

What benefits has Totara delivered to you as a partner and to your customers?

"Totara provides our customers with a robust core platform that is very cost-effective, which provides the core functionality that our clients require but which is also flexible and can be customised to their needs.

Totara has allowed us to offer a scalable open source LMS backed by a strong team of developers at Totara that stand behind and support the product."