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How Lambda Solutions wows their customers with Totara

Lambda Solutions proved that you can take the best and make it even better with the unprecedented success Sandler Training has enjoyed since adopting Totara Learn.

As detailed in the award-winning case study, in the first year Sandler Training enjoyed dramatically increased revenues, while adoption of and engagement with their training programs rose by 200% thanks to their new online training experience. We spoke with Stewart Rogers, VP of Product at Lambda Solutions to find out what it's like to be a Totara Partner and how they meet the specific needs of corporate customers like Sandler.

It’s a long history for Lambda Solutions! We started as an e-learning consulting company and picked up Moodle around 10 years ago, and found there was a real need in our market for hosting open source learning management systems. But we found even bigger demand around the corporate environment where people needed more than what Moodle could provide, so as soon as Totara came out we jumped on that.

How has your partnership with Totara impacted your business?

Customers really like it! Some of my favourite stories are ones where customers have moved from proprietary systems where it just didn’t meet their needs - there’s always one thing, or in some cases a lot of things, that means that it just doesn’t meet their needs, so the extensibility, the plugins, the integration opportunities, the HR Import feature, all of those things have allowed our customers to get more value out of the way that they deliver e-learning.

What do your customers like about Totara?

To be able to take all of their own best practices, the way they’ve perfected and fine-tuned them for their business, and to find a platform that supports that and offers value on top of what they’re doing without sacrificing anything, that’s what wows them.

What are your greatest achievements to date as a partner?

We’ve got some really great customers, some really big names. Sandler Training, being the world’s largest sales training organisation, is probably one of our biggest wins to date. They’re really hooked into a lot of the features and functions, they’re growing significantly every year in terms of the active users coming through the platform and they’re big analytics users with a constant eye on how everything is performing, and it’s great for us to see them get to where they’re trying to get to.