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Learning Nexus deliver their passion for learning with Totara

Learning Nexus are passionate about learning. 

From humble beginnings over 30 years ago, they have grown from handing out floppy disks containing short health & safety courses, to providing full digital learning turnkey solutions.

With a focus on learning outcomes, their award-winning team have enabled them to become a leading Totara Partner.

What sets Totara apart from other learning platforms on the market?

"The main thing for us is scalability.

One of the main goals of any digital learning programme is to improve staff performance. If staff improve, your business will inevitably grow. The need for a scalable learning platform is crucial for any business that has ambitions to grow, and that’s exactly what Totara gives you.

Totara is also extremely versatile.

With such a wide-ranging client base, we have a real need for a versatile system that can suit a spectrum of needs. Being able to provide an 'out-the-box' solution which can be adapted to specific needs, has really helped us reduce our implementation timescales and therefore enabled our clients to embed a learning culture quickly and efficiently."

What have been the key benefits of being a Totara Partner so far?

"The key benefit to us has been growth of market.

Having a scalable and versatile LMS within our product portfolio has enabled us to spread our wings across the market and target organisations we could never have dreamed of reaching."

What are your key achievements as a result of your partnership?

"Having large organisations as clients is always great, but being able to meet the delivery and budgetary needs of smaller organisations has been a revelation. Having the capability of sharing our passion for learning with smaller organisations has transformed the way we do business.

Being a Totara Partner, we have been able to meet the needs of a huge variety of organisations, and deliver our passion for learning.” – Ken George, Chairman, Learning Nexus