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MediaTouch embraces Totara's open source philosophy to delight customers

For over twenty years MediaTouch has been dealing with training technologies, with passion and commitment, offering a wide range of simple and functional technological solutions.

MediaTouch are partners of the main e-learning services that allow them to offer each of their customers tailored solutions that fully meet specific needs. Since 2004 they have been the official partners in Italy for Moodle and Totara Learning.

MediaTouch are an Italian company constantly growing and developing with a huge know-how in terms of tools, technologies and skills that allows us to offer our customers the best e-learning experience.

We spoke with the Founder and Director of MediaTouch on their experiences as a Totara Partner.

What first made you realise that you could benefit from becoming a Totara Partner?

"The market of e-learning and training with technologies is in strong and constant change and is not easy to identify the right product to focus on. After several attempts with products that did not prove to be up to expectations, Totara immediately seemed to be a truly stable and complete product. Totara's native features turned out to be exactly what we were looking for in an LMS to offer to our 'corporate' customers; moreover, the moderate subscription costs convinced us that Totara was the right product.

Knowing to be part of a network of global partners and of a large and active community such as Totara is, has been a great security for us. Working with Totara's people is really simple and pleasant despite the physical distance and the different languages. They have always shown themselves to be very helpful and friendly people. Thanks to webinars, training and reference manager, it was very easy for us to become part of the Totara's world.

Finally, we immediately embraced Totara's open source philosophy, because we strongly believe in open source and the possibility of leaving the customer free to choose without dependency or vendor lock-in."

What sets Totara Learn apart from other learning platforms on the market?

"Totara Learn is the ideal solution for corporate training thanks to the features typically required in corporate contexts and in complex organisations. Totara is ideal to better support the needs of global training management, skills analysis and training gaps, creation, monitoring and certification of personalised training plans, advanced reporting.
Being an open source and modular product, it is possible to easily integrate it into more complex systems, customise it without modifying its core and interface it with other systems to better manage the entire training process.

Despite its infinite potential, it is still an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows end users to autonomously managing the platform. Finally, subscription costs are sustainable by companies that invest in training. All these features make Totara a unique product on the market."

How do your customers feel about your partnership?

"Right from the start, our existing customers showed a keen interest in Totara's features; very often, as a matter of fact, there were gaps in terms of functionality that had to be filled with ad hoc developments. Thanks to Totara Learn, our customers were able to take advantage of a complete product, saving time and money.

Many of our enterprise customers have immediately understood the potential of Totara and made the migration to this new LMS with excellent results in terms of trained users and budgets saved for training. For us, being able to offer our customers different solutions with different tools, is an important added value in terms of customer retention."

What are your key achievements as a result of your partnership?

"Thanks to the partnership with Totara, it was possible to acquire new customers who presented well-defined enterprise needs that could not be met with the LMS used by MediaTouch up to this time except with a costly customisation job. Furthermore, existing customers were able to migrate their e-learning site to Totara, thus benefiting from a constant implementation of functionality and results and without losing the history of their training. Thanks to the offer of Totara we have therefore been able to expand our market and we have created a relationship of great trust and loyalty with existing customers."