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Providing Integrated Learning Solutions To Sales & Marketing Teams

Envisiontel (acquired by Totara Partner Remote Learner) has recently celebrated its tenth birthday. The company started out helping organisations to build and deliver online training to employees, partners, and customers.

The company’s primary area of focus has been around Learning Management and CRM consulting (specifically, software training and training content publication, managed services and SaaS-based e-commerce solutions.

The company has developed  EnlightenCRM, an application for integrating student data from Moodle and Totara with The company is well known for its work with sales and marketing departments providing training internally and for partners.

Envisiontel joined the Totara family in February 2012.  We spoke to Matt Lee, Founder, and CEO, on their experiences as a Totara Partner.

Why did you choose to be a Totara partner?

“Our clients want a one-stop shop. They like to have a single provider for their platform, content development, hosting and support. Totara provided us with a robust, industry leading platform which we can adapt and extend as part of an integrated learning solution for our clients.”

“Totara appealed to us because it is an open source solution which focuses on the needs of corporate organizations. There are other open source learning platforms but most were designed for schools and education whereas Totara was specifically designed to meet theneeds of corporates. Many of the features were developed in consultation with corporate clients to manage different audiences, hierarchies, programs and ongoing training and certification. As a consequence Totara has become the open source LMS of choice for corporate clients.”

What do you and your clients like about Totara?

“Totara provides a robust open source platform which we can tailor to meet the needs of our clients. This has allowed us to develop custom integrations and extensions such as our popular application Enlighten CRM and our new LMS Checkout shopping cart solution, which will release in early 2015.”

“We and our client particularly like the commercially supported open source model which means there is a large technical team dedicated to supporting the product. There is also an active Totara community in which we participate and help shape the future direction of the platform.”

“We work closely with the Totara team. They know our strengths and recommend us for clients looking for integrated sales learning solutions. Many Totara referrals have become valued customers.”

How has it helped your business?

“The Totara platform has helped us extend the range of services we can offer. It provides arespected core platform which we can extend using our skills and knowledge. This allows us tofocus on designing effective sales and external training solutions for our clients.”