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Sprout Labs creates unique learning experiences with Totara

Sprout Labs helps organisations transform the way they learn and perform through a strong focus on design, development, and implementation of effective learning experiences. 

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

Before we were a Totara Partner, we were actually doing lots of work helping organisations select LMSs. And what we actually found and what we strongly felt, was that Totara was the best solution on the market for a really different type of learning experience. We work a lot with the 70:20:10 learning model and we found that Totara was the best solution for that. And what we were looking at as well, was a different type of set-up with our relationships with clients that were technology as well as a learning partner.

What value do you think the Totara partnerships have added to your business and the services you provide to clients? 

So in actual fact, being a Totara Partner has been an interesting thing for us because it created a pivot. We've gone from being a service-based business and now we're really a product-based business and Totara has been part of that. So it's helped us move to a recurring income because of that as well as that we have our own product and they sit really nicely together to create more recurring revenue. 

How has the ability to innovate around Totara products impacted your business? 

The ability to innovate around the Totara products is one of the most exciting things. It's almost like a framework where you bring it in, turn things on and off, add new things to it, build new features and that's a really exciting spot to have that freedom and to be able to innovate with the tool. It's depth of functionality as well, compared to other LMSs on the market allows people to build very different types of learning experiences. 

How do the Four Freedoms of Totara resonate with you and your business? 

It really gives a different type of freedom, especially freedom of pricing, to be able to get to different price points at scale for clients, compared to a lot of the proprietary products on the market.