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Synegen brings more flexibility to its customers with Totara

Synegen is a Chicago-based technology consulting firm. They work for firms ranging from five-person start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. They joined the Totara family in February 2013. We spoke to Jason Miller, Director of Business Development, on their experiences as a Totara Partner.

Why did you choose to be a partner?

"Prior to becoming a Totara partner we worked in the education space and built proprietary Learning Management solutions. The Totara partnership has  expanded the suite of LMS options we are able to present our clients that have a preference to customise a base product rather than incur the costs and timescales of developing a completely proprietary solution.

Totara Learn allowed us to meet our clients needs by providing the core functionality that our clients wanted and the flexibility, as an open source product, to develop adapt and provide custom solutions for their clients."

What do you and your clients like about Totara?

"Our clients really like Totara’s supported open source model and having a company like Totara Learning Solutions standing behind the product. Many of our clients previously used Moodle and by deploying Totara they have managed to build upon their existing knowledge and skill base.

Totara provides a feature-rich platform out of the box which addresses the needs of our corporate clients and which we can tailor solutions to their needs and budgets.

At Synegen we have a strong technical team and have worked with other Totara partners to undertake in-depth technical integrations. As a partner, we have also undertaken a number of Salesforce integrations with Totara."

You’re a channel partner for other solutions too. What’s different about the Totara approach?

"The collaborative partner eco-structure works well and we haven’t competed directly with other partners. There is a very large market and significant growth opportunities for all partners."

"In my experience the Totara partnership is a true partnership. We are not considered simply are seller of a product but an active partner. We participate in the wider Totara community where we share and learn from the Totara team and other partners. We passionately believe in Totara’s collaborative approach."

How has it helped your business?

"As a Totara Partner, we have been passed leads which have turned into great clients. Overall I can say the Totara partnership helps us to meet the needs of our clients and to grow as a business."