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Conclusion Learning Centers - Bright Alley

Conclusion Learning Centers (CLC) is a leading partner in the field of digital learning solutions and learning services. Our focus is the implementation, hosting and managing of the Learning Management Systems Totara, Moodle and Class.

As a training intermediary, CLC has the largest training network in the Netherlands. We streamline the entire chain of purchasing, administration and invoicing of training courses and certifications. Our experienced HRD advisers are fully up-to-date with everything that is involved in training, personal development and performance support. This way we keep the education level within organisations sharp and futureproof.

Bright Alley is a leading supplier of e-learning, educational games and Learning Management Systems (Moodle and Totara). Since 1994 Bright Alley designs and develops engaging concepts that fit any professional target audience. Bright Alley stands for smart cost-effective learning and stimulates innovation in learning for corporate businesses, healthcare and government.