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Glow Chile

Experts in technologies for distance learning, LMS technology platforms and online learning experiences.

GLOW is a professional consulting company with a strong inclination towards education and technology for education. The network of professionals that manages training in teaching areas, placing special emphasis on the virtual field.

In our company, we add professionals with extensive experience in technological implementations of various educational platforms and experts in e-learning content development.

We have been configuring and creating learning experiences for more than 14 years, with an avant-garde team in terms of platforms and content, which allows us to develop high-level educational experiences.

In this last area, we have paid special attention to market trends, such as:

  • Express Contents (Expedited Consumption)
  • Gamification (didactic evaluations by incorporating games)
  • Mobile Portability (mLearning - read capability and presence in devices beyond the desktop PC)
  • Video Introduction (explanatory videos with contents delivered in a friendly and clear way)
  • Platforms: Development and creation of virtual classrooms. They form an essential part of the learning experience and implementation of different LMS Platforms, including Totara Learn

Our team deals with learning in a comprehensive manner, from the survey of the training needs, through the instructional design that allows configuring the learning programs, incorporating the management and execution of the training, until obtaining the reports and metrics that demonstrate the achievement of the relevant purpose. All through the application of the proven ADDIE methodology (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation).

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