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Mt. Tam Innovations (MTI)

Mt. Tam Innovations (MTI) is an e-learning professional services company offering consultation, hosting, support, training, software design, UI customization, and instructional design.

Our speciality lies in Customer Success and large-scale mentored learning programs, helping businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing talent, and driving customer advocacy.

With over 25-years experience in the training industry, MTI’s team will provide expertise and individual support to deliver personalized, feasible, and effective solutions to your business challenges.

MTI’s software uses predictive analytics, profiles and “success plays” to drive revenue (and cost savings) from training. In this way, MTI provides a 360° view of a student’s journey and drives more effective processes, outcomes and better retention across programs, training and product management.

MTI also provides the support and talent needed for ongoing success with e-learning systems such as Totara Learn.

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