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Nosco Learning

From e-Learning courses development, to distribution and Management Systems, Nosco provides e-learning services and consultancy for over 100 companies from various industries and activity areas: banking, insurance, healthcare, software, retail, telecom, education, sales etc.

Our mission is to create powerful and memorable e-Learning Experience! To create Immersive Learning Experiences we treat each project in a unique way. Whatever your e-Learning goals, we have The Best Solutions to make it happen.

We want learners to approach our e-Learning solutions as the training they want to take, and not something that they are being made to go through.

For this reason, our team is specialised in creating interactive custom e-Learning solutions (microlearning, mobile learning, gamified e-Learning courses and Rapid e-Learning) that keep students engaged and involved in the learning process.

Also, Nosco Learning helps the world's leading businesses improve performance through technology. And when we say technology we say Totara Learn. Nosco offers a full range of services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), so every organisation can have an LMS product that can be purchased and easily and efficiently developed.

More than 95 % of the learners highly appreciated the intuitive and responsive interface, the interactivity, the flexible reporting and the variety of learning elements.

We constantly improve our work to be in line with new trends in technology, design, education, training or instruction theories, because our goal is to deliver our customers high quality services.

Together we find creative solutions and we develop successful learning strategies.