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Talentator is a team of professionals, turning complex teaching and learning processes into an easily understandable e-learning language.

Talentator's goal is to understand customer’s learning challenges and processes at an expert level and to make them an unforgettable learning journey leading to business success. Offering a wide range of services we assure the process, collaboration and learning journey to be easy and smooth.

In order to let the client manage the entire education process independently, our team will ensure that the content is easily integrated into advanced e-learning platform.

We strongly believe that training should not only simply offer dry facts, but should shape the necessary skills and competences.

We integrate the newest learning trends including role-play elements, simulations, videos, and interactive tasks into the training tools, which increase the involvement of the participants while improving their assimilation of knowledge and the formation of skills.

The most exciting task for us is to find a way of transforming difficult and boring content into interesting and engaging training.

TALENTATOR integrates strategy, knowledge, learning, and technology in order to increase organizational effectiveness. By aligning these elements we can offer our clients solutions that make a difference and impact bottom line performance.