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Tech 2000, Inc.

Tech 2000 is a learning professional services company offering Digital Learning development and consultation, mobile development, LMS implementation, hosting, support, training, and instructional design.

We aid businesses in assessing, developing and increasing the accessibility of content to engage their high performing workforce.

Since 1991, Tech 2000 has supplied Fortune 1000 companies with state of the art Digital Learning cloud solutions, iOS and Android mobile applications and integrations with Totara Learn, Moodle, Blackboard, xAPI, eCommerce and Salesforce.

Tech 2000 has worked with schools, higher education, corporations and government organizations providing the support and talent needed for ongoing success with Digital Learning systems.

Tech 2000 pairs our world-class eLearning and course development expertise with a platform that is customizable to align with your needs.

Your LMS is one of the many tools supporting your organization and can be key to achieving your business goals. At Tech 2000, we understand the end user’s expectations in this digital world and we support our customers in making the best decisions in design, implementation, and administration.

Due to the breadth of our offerings, we’re able to offer a full solution for your digitization needs. Our next generation learning solutions are tailored to each client's needs - from traditional ILT to on-demand micro-learning.  

Whether you’re looking for a replacement system or just starting the digitization journey, we can help you take the next steps.