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Ubion Co. Ltd.

Ubion is active in all areas of education, including edu tech platform, content, service, publishing, and various areas such as educational technology, finance economy, and job aptitude.

The name of 'UBION CO, LTD" is derived from the word 'ubiquitous,’ which means 'being everywhere at once' Ubion is an EduTech representative that supports the environment for various educational service through data communication network anytime and anywhere Ubion has consistently developed diverse education contents, including employment, finance, real estate, credit banks, and national exams, from commissioned education to learning platforms for higher education institutions and businesses. As a result, we are actively engaged not only in domestic but also in overseas ICT infrastructures such as Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Vietnam.

Korea's First, Largest, Best E Learning Specialized Company

  • Korea’s first e learning company (2000)
  • Korea’s largest corporate education service operation (300)
  • Number of online education services members: 1.54 million
  • KONEX listed company (2014)

EduTech Awards ( Coursemos)

  • Japan e Learning Award grand prize (2015)
  • Korean HRD education grand prize (2015)
  • Attracted EduTech investment (over 5 billion)