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Adapt Totara Direct Publishing

Create fully responsive, multi-device e-learning

Adapt Totara Direct Publishing allows users to manage content in the Adapt Authoring tool and directly publish them to a Totara Learn destination course. Using Totara’s API it creates an easy and secure way of collaborating, creating and managing content between the two tools.

Create fully responsive, multi-device e-learning

Adapt empowers the user to create, collaborate and share content with teammates inside of the authoring tool. Adapt offers the flexibility to deliver state-of-the-art e-learning content.

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Adapt Totara Direct Publishing

LearnChamp has simplified the integration of two award-winning platforms in the e-learning industry - Adapt and Totara - to offer an easy and open environment for your company's content creation teams. Direct Publishing removes the time-consuming and risky manual upload and management of e-learning content.

Integrating Adapt Totara Direct Publishing

Adapt Totara Direct Publishing is available on a subscription basis and includes updates for each major version of Totara. Interested parties are encouraged to contact LearnChamp directly for further information.

This extension is compatible with Totara Learn version 11, 12 and 13.

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Adapt Totara Direct Publishing example

EULAR, a leader in innovative education in rheumatology, approached Totara Partner LearnChamp with the goal of creating a motivating and intuitive digital learning experience for the EULAR School. Take a look at how they created responsive e-learning content to boost learner engagement.

Responsive e-learning courses without programming knowledge

Create beautiful content in Adapt and publish it directly to your Totara learning platform.