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Anders Pink

Automate Content Curation with Anders Pink

Make content curation for learning easier, automated and directly integrated with Totara Learn - with the award-winning Anders Pink curation tool.

Create briefings on anything you want, filtered by any sites and sources.  Bring trending content seamlessly into Totara Learn with automatically updated briefings, saving time and keeping your platform fresh. 

Anders Pink Totara block

Save time, stay up to date

Create briefings (content feeds) on any topic, sites, RSS feeds or Twitter sources you want, for example: 

Briefings update automatically every few hours - saving you time, and giving you complete control. 

Anders Pink tool

Plug trending content into Totara Learn 

Bring this content directly into Totara Learn with no coding needed – the plugin is a standard Totara block, powered by Anders Pink's API.  

Anders Pink Totara config

Display constantly updating content within Totara Learn that learners can click straight through to, no SSO required.  

  • Drive engagement with recent and relevant content  

  • Keep your content, courses and platform fresh with new content, every day 

  • Track engagement and uptake  

Anders Pink Totara Extension Overview

Anders Pink is a licensed tool.  Pricing starts at GBP 3990 / USD 4990 per annum (with discounts available for Totara Partners).  

You will need access to the Anders Pink tool and an API key to enable the plugin and integrate with Totara.

This extension is compatible with Totara Learn version 2.9 and above.

Get started today with a free trial

Find out more about adding automated content curation to Totara Learn with the Anders Pink plugin.