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Aspire Mobile Learning App

Aspire Mobile Learning App

Mobile learning apps are powerful teaching tools that can provide an invigorated learning experience while maximising the reach and effectiveness of an organisation's training.

Aspire on iPhones

Synegen, a leader in LMS software development and Totara Platinum Alliance Partner, developed Aspire, the mobile learning app for those clients who would like to take advantage of mobile technology to empower "on-the-go learning" using a mobile device, phone, or tablet.

No signal? No wifi? No problem!

Aspire features offline access to most Totara Learn activities providing learners the freedom to learn when they want, where they want, and on what device they want. 

Aspire on iPad

Intuitive Experience

Aspire provides an intuitive app-based learning experience: 

  • Take on full courses with sequencing enforced. 
  • Online and offline support of most Totara Learn activities, including: 
    • SCORM
    • Video and Audio
    • PDF and Fileviewer
    • Quiz and assessments
    • Auto-synch progress and results between desktop and Aspire
    • On-the-go access to your transcript, badges, and certificates. 

Aspire Mobile Learning App for Totara

Aspire is a subscription-based service, and implementation is based on subscriber needs. 

Totara Learn users are encouraged to contact Synegen for more information. 

This extension is compatible with Totara Learn up to version 13.

Maximise the reach of your learning with Aspire

Are you ready to provide an invigorated mobile learning experience with Aspire?