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GO1 Content library: Delivering training is easy!

GO1 Content Library

Improve the quality of your organisations' learning and development program with GO1 content, available direct from your Totara Learn platform. 

GO1 Content Marketplace

Thousands of courses, for every organisation's training needs. A single GO1 content subscription provides a comprehensive course library readily available for you to explore. You will find training on compliance, soft-skills, professional development and much more from within your Totara Learn LMS. The GO1 content marketplace has all the courses your organisation needs to meet  compliance requirement as well as what you need to develop diverse skills. The GO1 Marketplace library contained globally sourced content, from a network of content providers all industry recognised, so you can trust the quality of your search results. There are over 100,000 learning resources, primarily SCORM video content available for your learners' enrolment. Alternatively, this content can be used to form part of a wider learning solution you can create within your Totara Learn instance. 

GO1 Marketplace

Content is constantly being added to the library from new providers on new topics, increasing the value of your subscription without you paying anything extra. GO1 makes it affordable and accessible for every business to be able to unlock the positive potential of their people. 

GO1 Course Overview
How to get access to the GO1 Content Library: 
  • Read more about GO1 and Totara integration here:

  • Are you an existing Totara customer? Talk to your designated Totara Partner.

  • Totara Partners email: [email protected]

The integration can be activated by a Totara administrative user, from within the site administration menu. There is the option to trial the GO1 content for 56 users before subscribing. 

Works with the following versions of Totara Learn: 

Totara Learn Version 12. It will also be available in Version 10 and Version 11 - with a download update.

Availability of the GO1 Content Library: 

GO1 is available via a premium subscription, which provides access to more than 3000 courses.  For some specialised training on the marketplace, courses are paid-per-use (for each user) Please note: When a user leaves an organisation, their subscription goes back into that organisation pool - ready for the next new starter!

Discover the GO1 x Totara Content Integration 

Learn how to give your users access to the largest catalogue of professional and compliance training courses.