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Learning anytime, anywhere on your mobile device

mLearn Totara App

The mLearn Totara App is more than an LMS in your pocket. It’s a productivity, evidence gathering, content delivery and creation tool for learning on the go. 

Fully branded to your clients requirements, the mLearn Totara App is delivered via the Apple App and Google Play Stores and offers quick, effortless and secure access to your clients Totara account.


The mLearn Totara App gives you constant online and offline access to all your learning content.  Upload media and submit evidence of learning, receive important notifications, search and enroll in courses, task notifications for managers and approve training requests in-app.

mLearn Totara App

OFFLINE ACCESS: Offline access to your compliance and training resources including SCORM and Quiz. Once downloaded, SCORM packages can be played regardless of a connection or not. Learners progress will be tracked and once a connection is re-established, all learning activity is synchronized ensuring that any offline progress on mobile such as content completion or test scoring is securely synced on re-connection.


NOTIFICATIONS: In-app notifications, the key to ensuring your learners respond to important and critical notifications. The learners mobile can receive and display app notifications or text message alerts even when the device screen is locked.

How to get access: 

Contact for an information pack and to organise a demo and to answer all your questions on pricing, features, and service.

Works with the following versions of Totara Learn: 

Totara Learn version 2.7, 2.9, 9, 10 and 11

Ready to take your learning on-the-go? 

Discover the mLearn mobile app that helps bring your learning to you.