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Learning Specialist

Learning Specialist

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP): Engage, Unite And Upskill Your Workforce

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Harness the power of informal learning and collaboration

Empower your workforce to adapt and thrive in your new world of work.

Increase engagement and share know-how with smart ways to deliver the right training, resources and information at the right time and place, all in the flow of work.

Totara Engage is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that will empower you to:

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    Build your best workplace

    with collaborative knowledge sharing

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    Accelerate skills acquisition

    with personalized learning and content curation

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    Boost employee and learner engagement

    by bringing your workforce together

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Empower your subject matter experts to enable continuous learning

Create and curate resources from multiple channels into personalized playlists available on any device.

Totara Engage screenshot - unite your teams with our collaborative workspaces

Unite your teams and share expertise with collaborative workspaces

Access or request information from colleagues exactly when it’s needed, regardless of location or time zone.

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Get key information exactly when you need it with Microsoft Teams integration

Collaborate and solve complex problems from a central digital space without the bloating complexity that comes with switching between different tools.

An LXP with all the tools you need for a high-performance workplace

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    Enjoy content curation from any channel

    Quickly source, create or curate knowledge from subject matter experts in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and even videos to develop personalized learning paths.

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    Revamp your social and microlearning

    Facilitate peer-to-peer interactions like ratings, comments and curation to build a vibrant, connected learning culture.

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    Recommend relevant content

    Identify and suggest content relevant to your employees’ interests, skills and needs with a robust recommendation engine.

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    Generate deep insights with surveys

    Quickly collect feedback from your teams with customizable surveys.

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    Streamline administration in complicated hierarchies

    Flexible sharing and access settings simplify the administration and delivery of content.

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    Accurately track employee engagement

    Recognize rising talent, subject matter experts (SME’s) and thought leaders, as well as less-engaged individuals with in-depth user and content engagement reports.

Your all-in-one productivity suite, just a few clicks away

Combine Totara Engage with Totara Learn and Totara Perform, with just a few clicks, to benefit from an integrated Talent Experience Platform that empowers effective employee engagement strategies and peak productivity. 

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Schedule Your Personalized Demo

Meet with our team to discover why organizations like Indeed, JetBlue and Samsung choose Totara Learn.

  • Totara Engage LXP brochure - download

    Have full control of your own LXP

    Enable your employees to learn new skills, increase productivity, work quality, and help retain your top talent.

  • Totara ebook - 5 Workplace Disruptors - download

    Five workplace disruptors that can kill you

    The pressure on employees to learn, unlearn and be agile in today's market is immense. In this ebook, you will take a deep dive into five of the biggest disruptors facing organizations like yours today.